Deck WGF is a graffiti writer/artist from Brooklyn, New York who has been working on his craft since 1985. His artistic styles are influenced by the graffiti artists from the late 70’s and 80’s era which is where he developed his strong passion and work ethic from. His belief in the graffiti itself means you must be a vandal first and there are consequences, and Deck has had several run in with law because of his love for his craft. He was labeled a street bomber during the late 90’s in New York because anywhere you go in the city you would see his tag. In 2000 Deck decided to divert his energy to the artistic side of graffiti from two color pieces to full out productions. He realized that he had a true gift that the world needed to see and he continued to push himself daily to improve in different areas. As Deck continued to improve, other people began to notice and began to hire him to paint murals, paint canvases, and many other artistic expressions for their businesses. Deck took a break in from his craft in 2002 when he moved to Texas and has recently rejoined the art in 2007 where he has shown that he has not missed a step.